Hollywood Life

Writing to share that The Little Kernel was featured on Hollywood Life in an exclusive interview with Chris and Jacqueline for the site. The interview highlighted Chris and Jacqueline’s work to create awareness about autism, sharing “Their adorable son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism in 2010 and Jacqueline and Chris have made it their mission to do everything they can to make sure that he lives the fullest and most normal life possible. And, Chris told us that their goal is to help as many people as they can through their public speaking engagements and constant efforts.” Regarding The Little Kernel, the editorial noted “April was Autism Awareness month, and while the pair were hard at work to create awareness, they stressed that ‘autism action’ takes place 365 days of the year. They teamed up with Generation Rescue, the group that gave them the guidance and resources they needed to help their son. The couple’s first step of action was to provide Nicholas with a healthy, dairy, gluten and GMO-free diet. But, there weren’t a lot of snacks to choose from.” It further noted, “’That’s how we developed the ‘The Little Kernel,’ Chris said, which is delicious mini popcorn with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. ‘It’s all about being better for you, and it’s less of a choking hazard for children, because it’s half the size of regular popcorn. We’ve committed ourselves to give back to Generation Rescue and autism. It’s a brand with a purpose.’ Amazing! The Little Kernel will donate 25 cents per case of popcorn to Generation Rescue throughout 2017. You can learn more about The Little Kernel and Generation rescue, right here!”

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